Aerial Armor has been at the forefront of the Drone Industry since 2015. We specialize in detecting and deterring drone related threats for all scenarios. You need a company that’s well versed in the rapidly evolving drone industry. We remain current with the latest types of drone detection systems and have partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry.

We’ve worked with law enforcement and security professionals throughout the US. We’ve seen the impact and risk that drones can ensue on public safety, espionage, contraband delivery, and many other threatening situations. This experience is what our clients depend on and what our company takes pride in.

Each client has unique needs and we offer flexible options from long term purchases to short term rentals and security assessments. Protect your assets and reduce your risk from unauthorized drones.

You can rely on our experienced team to ensure your sky is secure.

With Aerial Armors event coverage, you stay informed at all times. Many malicious threats can occur under the cover of darkness. Once our sensors detect and locate a drone, our ground crew uses thermal imaging scopes to further pinpoint and document each breach. Law enforcement and security personal work closely with our team to stabilize the threat.

Our team of engineers developed a mobile solution that integrates with drone detection devices. With our custom solution, you can deploy and activate a sensor in less than 5 minutes. Timing is critical, and we understand its value. The mobility kit makes multi-site evaluations a breeze. Quickly pack up and relocated the sensors to any location under threat.

We look forward to working with you and have confidence our services and solutions will become an essential part to your security infrastructure.