Security Solutions for Drone Intrusions


Aerial Armor has been at the forefront of the drone defense industry since 2015 as a service provider and systems integrator for C-UAS solutions. Our diverse team specializes in the use of cutting edge technology to detect and manage drone related threats. We remain current with the latest types of drone detection systems and have partnered with the leading manufacturers in the industry to provide our clients with custom tailored solutions.

On countless deployments, we’ve worked hand in hand with local law enforcement, FAA, FBI, DHS and private security professionals throughout the US. We’ve seen the impact of nefarious drone activity and the risk drones present to public safety, allowing for espionage, contraband delivery, and many other criminal activities. Our experience is valued by the clients we serve.

We offer flexible deployment options from long term leases to short term rentals and security site assessments to protect valuable assets while reducing the overall risk from unauthorized drones.

Our firsthand experience and industry knowledge will ensure the protection of your airspace.


With our turn-key event service options, key security personnel will remain informed of suspicious drone activity and be empowered to rapid incident resolution through our proven alerting system. Malicious threats can be quickly identified and with instantaneous dissemination of operator location, law enforcement or security can be dispatched to quickly stabilize the threat.

Drone Thermal Image Confirmation

We offer custom mobile solutions that can be deployed in minutes, providing miles of omni directional detection coverage. Quickly pack up and relocate the sensors to any location under threat.

We look forward to sharing our unique industry experience and to providing solutions that will become an essential part of your security infrastructure.

Rapid Deployment Drone Detection Solutions