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Live Detections

Aerial Armors live detection page overlays multiple sensors to give you a full view of your airspace. We integrate with multiple RF sensors, Radars and ADS-B to provide our clients with the most advanced layered security zones. We provide white listing and black listing capabilities, giving users the most accurate, up-to-date information when quick decisions and dispatching is needed. Historical comments on repeat offenders is available which gives easy access to all users within the security group to make an informed decision about an impending threat.

Aerial Armor Drone Detection Software Live Detection

Alert Zone Summary

Aerial Armors alert zone summary provides users with an overview of the historical activity around the region of interest. We break down the flight counts, hours of day, days of the week and altitude ranges to enhance your security briefings and internal reports. Easily export the data roll up, or subscribe to our weekly email which summarizes the activity and delivers straight to your inbox.

Alert Zone Drone Summary

Advanced mapping capabilities

Visualize your hot spots based on Pilot or Homepoint locations. Create advanced security protocols based on historical patterns. Our heatmaps and flight overlay images are industry leading, a must have for security conscious companies.

Drone Detection Heat Map

Drone Detection on your Mobile Device

Aerial Armor is proud to offer the first drone detection app available on both Apple and Android app stores. Clients have quick access to live detections on the go. Perfect for security personnel during large events.

Drone Detection Heat Map

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